Friday, August 8, 2014

Star Student FREEBIE!

One of our students' favorite things is being star student!  Each child gets to be the star student for a whole week.  Each day we do something special to celebrate that child!  We would love to share these ideas with you, so you can help your own students shine!  The kiddos C.A.N.N.O.T wait for their turn.

Below is the note we send home to the parents to explain the events for the week.  Read this to see what the kiddos get to do each day.  Click the image to download for FREE!

This is the student page.  We encourage each student to write the star student a sentence, and illustrate them a picture.  These pages are then complied and stapled together with a (construction paper) cover to make a book for the star student to take home on Friday!  If you click the image below, you can download them for FREE.  There are 3 variations of the student pages to fit the needs for your classroom.  

These are the posters the kiddos make at school on Monday!  You can get 30 for 8.25 at Oriental Trading.  Click the image below to take you to their site!  After their week is done, the kids LOVE that they get to take these home.

Each child also gets a pencil, sticker, and certificate (pictured below)!

This is our show and tell bag.  Students take it home at the beginning of the week and bring it back on show and tell day.  They can only bring items that fit into this bag.  The orange bag and star decal are from Michael's.  The bag came in a group of 3 for 9.99 (we used our 40% off coupon of course!!), and the decal was only 1.99.  This bag is band new this year, but our last one lasted 5 years!  

We hope you could use some of these ideas for your classroom!  Please share any good ideas you have for star student!

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