Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sorting Things Out!

We have added the letter sort mega pack that we use in our Kindergarten word work station at the beginning of the year.  The pack is filled with 156 SORTS!!!!!  These sorts really help our students with differentiating between capital and lowercase letters and identifying the fancy letter formations they run across in texts.   Our kinder kiddos are always amazed by the fancy "a" or "g" :)  Included are capital, lowercase and letter pair sorts.  Check it out here in our TPT store!  Since it's our first week back to school... it's free to the first 2 friends who comment below!  Have a great week!!!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fluency Phrases and High Frequency Words

Looking to improve your student's fluency?  Use these Fry Fluency flash cards!  This pack includes the 300 most frequently used phrases.  We have the kiddos practice the phrases, but we also sometimes time them to give them a goal to work towards.  We give the kids 1 minute to read as many as they can.  The ones they know are counted, and graphed onto the sheet provided to track their progress.  We also know to increase fluency kids need a good base of  high frequency/ sight words.  Below are the Fry 300 most commonly used words flash cards.  For both of these we printed the sheets onto colored card stock, cut them out, laminated them, and used a book ring to hold them together and keep us organized!  Hopefully you can find some use for them too!  The first person to leave a comment can have these both for FREE.  Don't forget to leave your email!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

As the school year begins we are updating our classroom décor and posters.  These are posters for the numbers 0-20.  They display the numeral, written word, base ten, ten frame, and tally mark representations.  These are great to hang near your math center for your kiddos to be able to use as anchor charts.  We will give away a copy of them for FREE to the first person that comments below.  Be sure to leave your email!  If you would like a copy, click the image below.  Good luck beginning your school years!   

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Apples and Back to School Skills

Hey!  We are back again with our new Apple unit and a back to school skill sharpener set!  Apples is one of our favorite themes to do with our kiddos! Included in the Apples pack is over 120 pages of literacy and math centers and activities, plus some fun class graphs and writing activities.  Check out the preview below or click on the cover to see it in our TPT store:)

We have also added our cutting, gluing and pre-writing skill pack to our little store.  There are 30 pages of  practice for your little ones to work on using just a lil' bit of glue, building scissor skills (straight, curved and zig zag lines) and pre-writing skills like making straight lines, curved lines, circles, and slanted lines.  We use these activities the whole first month of school to get those skills perfected.  Check out the preview below or click the cover to view it on TPT.

And clearly they are both free to the first person who comments:)  Have a great day!
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Calendar Journals

Start your school year off with this Calendar Journal.  This Calendar Journal is tailored for the first grade curriculum.  Over the years we have seen many different "calendar helpers".  While they were all fabulous, we needed to make one to fit the needs our kiddos.  Maybe your kids can benefit from it too!  It includes the following: calendar journal covers for each month, calendars for each month, poems for each month, a daily recording page, reference sheets, and a weather chart!  Check it out below!  Be the first person to leave a comment with your email and you can have it FREE!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Student Passes Freebie!

As we are getting ready for school we are revamping our classroom décor.  Grab yourself a free copy of our student passes.  There are passes for the bathroom, hall, nurse, office, lunch and recess.  

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